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Bánh mì, sometimes also referred to as a "Vietnamese hoagie", is a Vietnamese submarine sandwich, made with a French-inspired baguette. It is made up of thinly sliced, pickled carrots, daikon, onions, cilantro, choice of barbecued pork, paté, chicken and other meats; there also exist vegetarian versions of this item with tofu taking the place of meat. The contrasting flavors and textures of the sandwich — as well as its relatively low cost — make it a popular dish.


The genesis of this sandwich obviously stems from the French countryside "salad sandwich" which consists of lettuces, tomatoes and sometimes vegetables as well as dressing served on a baguette. The ingredients in a Vietnamese sandwich vary most notably in their meat selections. The most common varieties are bánh mì gà made with chicken, banh mi trung with scrambled egg, bánh mì bì made with shredded pork skin and roasted rice powder, bánh mì thit nuong made with grilled pork, bánh mì xíu mai made with juicy crushed pork meatballs, with the most popular bánh mì dac biêt or the special combo which comprises all the ingredients. Also occasionally available is bánh mì chay, a vegetarian option, usually made with tofu or textured vegetable protein. Although, the most common is made with various Vietnamese coldcuts made of pork, and pickled vegetables consisting of carrot and radish. Also added are chili peppers and pate. Another popular option is the breakfast Banh Mi, either with fried scrambled eggs wrapped within, or the more popular version eaten widely for breakfast in Vietnam: Eggs fried sunny-side-up with onions, sprinkled with Soy sauce or Maggi Sauce, and eaten with a fresh (and sometimes buttered) baguette.

banh mi